Tuesday, May 21, 2013

R.H. Foster opens first propane fuel retail pump manufactured by CleanFUEL USA

ELLSWORTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Gas prices continue to keep the public's attention, but R.H. Foster in Ellsworth wants to offer residents an alternative form of energy. Monday the company unveiled its propane autogas retail pump, the first of its kind in Maine.

Executive Vice President Robert Tracy with R.H. Foster said, "What we have here is a public access, full use for anybody that's interested in auto gas fueling."

Regular, unleaded gasoline averages around $3.58 a gallon compared to propane topping out at $2.14.

CEO Roy Willis with the Propane Education Council said, "It's a positive step forward for the community and the country. Propane is growing in supply here in the United States. It is affordable. It is clean and it has multiple applications."

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