Thursday, June 20, 2013

Propane: A cleaner, cost-effective fuel alternative

Did you know that propane, also known as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), is the most widely used alternative transportation fuel in the world?

Propane Autogas, the term for propane when fueling an on-road vehicle, fuels about 17 million vehicles worldwide, including about 270,000 in the United States.

While propane is widely used in home heating and backyard grilling, many people have never heard of running a car, truck or bus on propane. The fact is propane Autogas has a proven record of being cost-effective, safe, reliable and more environmentally friendly when compared to gasoline – emitting approximately 24 percent fewer harmful greenhouse gasses.

Who uses propane vehicles?

More people use propane as a vehicle fuel than you might think. In addition to its use in cars, Autogas is an excellent fuel choice for many fleet vehicles, including school buses, shuttle buses, taxis, as well as light- and medium-duty trucks and vans. Two types of propane vehicles are available: dedicated vehicles that run solely on propane, and bi-fuel vehicles, with two separate fueling systems, which enable them to run on propane or gasoline. Read more here.

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