Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Propane Fueled Vehicles Being Added To Charleston Fleet

Charleston will soon have propane fueled vehicles in the city fleet.

"We have the opportunity to take advantage of some reimbursable grants that will fully pay for the cost of conversion up to four vehicles to propane fuel," said Charleston City Manager David Molgaard.

Members of the Charleston City Council approved the proposal to go ahead with the plan to purchase the vehicles at Monday nights meeting.

The conversion will be paid for through the United States Department of Energy Clean Start Grant. The conversion will be handled by the company Propane Fuel Technologies, the soul source provider of the grant.

As the Kanawha County Commission is looking into natural gas powered vehicles, Molgaard said for the city, propane powered is the best option for them.

"There is no out of pocket cost to us and no additional maintenance or operational costs as it relates to our equipment maintenance facilities," he said. Read more here.

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